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Squad Free Weekend and Sale - Electrip - 11-07-2016 11:30 AM

Heads up people, Squad is going to be free Nov. 11-13 (and also on sale for $20).

With the recent release of Alpha v8 (an optimization and visuals update) the game has really smoothed out and brought back a lot of players who left due to low FPS or whatever people are complaining about these days.

"Steam Free Weekend & Sale

Hi Squaddies,

Enjoying Alpha 8 so far?

As announced last week, to celebrate the release and our upcoming charity event with Stack-Up Squad[tiltify.com] be running its first ever Steam Free Weekend! In addition to our Free Weekend Squad will also be on sale for its lowest price to date!

We hope our friends and fans can see this as a great opportunity to bring some of their more risk averse friends into the Squad family and we as developers are treating this as an opportunity to get out there in the wilds and experience the game through fresh sets of eyes. We will be out in the community, on the servers and in the stream chat, getting to know you guys, listening and having a good amount of fun as well.

Free Weekend

From Thursday November 10th at 10AM PST (5pm GMT) to Sunday November 13th at 1PM PST (8pm GMT), Squad will be free on steam and we promise there will be a stack of surprises on the horizon. If you look closely and pay attention, you might just spot a few things already hiding in plain sight.

We're prepared for the influx of brand new players with our partners Bluefang[www.bluefangsolutions.com], Multiplay[www.multiplaygameservers.com], Fragnet[www.fragnet.net], and Pingperfect[pingperfect.com], who will have more than enough servers ready.

Now you need to prepare too - this weekend is going to be one of the craziest for the Squad community. Please join us in welcoming the new players and helping people through their first grunt level deployment to the Squad battlefield.

For the community, this weekend will mean continued growth and vitality of the player base and an injection of new faces and ideas.


Steam Sale

In conjunction with our free weekend, Squad will also be on sale! From Thursday November 10th at 10AM PST (5pm GMT) to Monday November 14th at 10 AM PST (5pm GMT), Squad will be 50% off on Steam. If youve been waiting to buy the game or trying to persuade friends to get it, there will be no better chance than now.

It's going to be quite a busy weekend!

So strap on your helmet, warm up your microphone, shine your shovel, and fire up Steam!

Offworld Out.

RE: Squad Free Weekend and Sale - SerialNumber1221 - 11-07-2016 11:51 AM

Will try it for free...but still on the fence about buying it but 20 bucks is low risk...let me see how free play pans out...

My view based on streams viewing and reading, but not playing, is that it is very very slow paced where as my usual FPS preference is for decent scale (which squad has) but with intense cqc with tons of ppl to shoot at...which i have not seen squad deliver as it is such a tactical milsim type of game...

Anyway will try it

RE: Squad Free Weekend and Sale - Electrip - 11-07-2016 12:31 PM

Yeah I feel you on that, I've had some slow games, but it really depends on who you're playing with.

You need a good Squad Lead first of all, without that you're going to be running around for 45 minutes getting flanked and never seeing the enemy until it's too late. Once you get a good spawn point and have Squads working together to attack/defend a common objective then the game can get really hectic.

I've had matches where people were just thrashing an objective from all directions and bleeding tickets that's when the CQC action really starts to pick up.

RE: Squad Free Weekend and Sale - Electrip - 11-11-2016 10:25 AM

Sale starts today.

For anyone that wants to try the game it is Free to Play for this weekend, d/l it and shoot you some insurgents.

RE: Squad Free Weekend and Sale - JJordawg - 11-13-2016 01:40 PM

This game has sold me.

I played three hours yesterday and dropped the $20.00 on it. For being in Alpha, it is already really fun, and the developers update every three to four weeks. This game hits that perfect middle range between ARMA 3 and Battlefield for me. I think KEQ should give it a chance.

Objective based, team play an absolute.
Leadership and command system.
Big team battles.

So, this game is toeing the line of being casual where it makes sense and realistic where it is fun.

This is a typical game, given you have a good squad leader, which is surprisingly not hard to find.
Yesterday night I played an hour and a half match in a mountainous forest map. Half of the game was spent in CQC on a hilltop fortress. We were trying to capture the point on top. It is kind of a tug of war style objective, where you can only cap the next immediate zone in the chain marked on the map. So, it is important to defend your own objective, while attacking the enemies. Our squad leader was really good this match-- we pushed NW of the hilltop fortress initially, then captured it as the game started. Charlie squad had gone to the next point to recon and got demolished by basically the entire enemy team (3 and a half squads, about 34 players), who had armored vehicles and HMGs deployed. So Bravo and Alpha knew we had to dig in. We drove a supply truck in and dropped an FOB, which is basically an unlimited respawn point that allows you to start building defenses within a certain radius of it. We set up some bunkers, on top of a building we had a HMG nest overlooking a forested approach, and barbed wire and sandbags giving us cover of the other entrances, and good sightlines.

[Image: rJwwXYq.jpg]

We wanted to pull the enemy team in, demolish them, then push past and capture while they were disorganized. So, we tried to hold our fire until they were in close to not give ourselves away. I was one of four RPG equipped friendlies, tasked with taking out the enemy's LAV. Disaster hit our team right away, though, as a sniper got into a good position and nailed me and the other RPG in Bravo. Unbeknownst to us, the enemy had spent the money on two LAVs and pushed straight into the compound with them. Down half our anti-tank, we got overwhelmed really fast. Alpha was holed up inside the HMG nest building and managed to stay engaged for nearly 15 minutes before they were cleared out. Our FOB got destroyed and we now only had 1 out of 4 flags and were bleeding tickets fast.

[Image: u98fDPg.jpg]

Charlie and Bravo regrouped at main base and grabbed supply trucks and moved out. Charlie set up a rally point (a limited spawn beacon, basically) on the east of the hill and Bravo rallied to the Northwest again. This time, we pushed up the hill, taking heavy fire from second floor windows of the compound, but eventually managing to get close enough to be out of sightlines. Bravo tossed grenades, I shot frag RPGs through the windows, and we did a brutal room clearing operation of the HMG nest building, retaking it. Me and the other RPG managed to take out one BTR from inside the building, and the other BTR was damaged heavily and abandoned. At this point, the open courtyard between the two buildings in the compound was no mans land. About 15 minutes of heavy gunfire exchanged, and we managed to move up to breach the other building. Alpha had respawned and set up an ambush on the approach to the compound for the enemy reinforcements that would be moving in soon.

[Image: vEev90I.jpg]

We realized they had set up an FOB in a tunnel network between the two buildings and were coming up from beneath us. Another 7 minutes of heavy CQC as we pushed down, taking heavy casualties but eventually making it to the FOB beacon and destroying it. We had control of the Hilltop fortress, but this was only a stalemate position. The militia (friendly team) controlled 2 flags, Russia controlled 2. We suspected they were going to come back and hit hard to attempt to throw us back off the hilltop again. This time, we set up better defenses and HMGs covering better angles, as well as barbed wire on certain approaches to make them either stand in place attempting to get rid of it, or run into the open to get around it. Our scouts reported two incoming BTRs and enemy movement through the forest on foot, as well as a troop truck. This was the big push. We pulled back and distributed ammo crates, got everyone healed, and waited.

[Image: PyFD4yp.jpg]

This time, they came hard from the south. A thickly forested area shadowed their approach, and the BTRs pulled in quickly outside the compound walls, spraying up and down, trying to wallbang us. The enemy squad on foot flanked up a steep hill and tried to push in through a hole in the wall. We basically rolled 20 grenades down the hill and blew them to hell. Bravo pushed out, picked off the last two survivors, and crept up along the southwest until we had a shot on the BTRs. We took out one quick, fell back to reload. The other got afraid and pushed hard to try and take us out but ran into the RPGs from Charlie. The fighting peaked, but apparently we bled them really hard as they lost a lot of tickets on that push. They were going to fall back and defend their own point, but we realized that they had given up on the hilltop fortress and blitzed the next two points before they could get set up. About a minute with full cap and we drained the rest of their tickets for the win.

This was honestly the closest to MAG I have felt since playing it. The combination of combined arms, objective based gameplay, big teams, an ACTUALLY GOOD COMMS SYSTEM (PROXY CHAT FTW), and the actually quite easy basebuilding system make this game great. The game is not quite the endless shootout of MAG, but it actually has a nice pacing in itself. Intense firefights are interspersed with lulls as teams regroup and rearm. It seems pretty daunting at first, but in reality the game is far less simulator-esque than ARMA. It seems more like hardcore mode in Battlefield with base building and bigger maps, and more of a focus on squad composition (gotta have two medics, anti-tank, a machine gunner, a marksman, two riflemen, a grenadier, and squad leader in most cases).

This game gives you so many options. Its amazing. KEQ pls play.

RE: Squad Free Weekend and Sale - Flyingcon - 11-14-2016 09:48 AM

Good review.

I bought it in a moment of weakness. I blame Serial.

RE: Squad Free Weekend and Sale - SerialNumber1221 - 11-14-2016 04:39 PM

(11-14-2016 09:48 AM)Flyingcon Wrote:  Good review.

I bought it in a moment of weakness. I blame Serial.

Yep and i missed the sale in the end.....got sidetracked by the wife and when i looked later sale was over...ah well next time....

RE: Squad Free Weekend and Sale - JJordawg - 11-14-2016 05:07 PM

If you aren't on my friends list, I am also JJordawg on steam. Add me and if you see me online, we should play!

RE: Squad Free Weekend and Sale - Flyingcon - 11-14-2016 09:54 PM

I have you on my friend list, it's just that I don't play much nowadays, and very little on PC.

I have to change that. Tongue


lol, I just bought it the last 5 minutes of the sale. No worries, Black Friday is close.

RE: Squad Free Weekend and Sale - Buzzin Fr0g - 11-15-2016 05:38 PM

Glad to see that two more KEQ have joined up! My computer is in storage right now, which is the reason I haven't been around. Hopefully I'll be into my new place and able to set up my rig soon. We've got a channel on our Discord (VOIP) server for Squad. Even if you prefer the in-game comms (I do), it facilitates coordination for joining servers and squads, etc.