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CONFEDERTE/ Application/ BF3
10-03-2012, 08:18 PM
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CONFEDERTE/ Application/ BF3
Here is the guidelines for the KEQ Application Process,
Post your Application Here with "(PSN) / (Battlelog) - BF3" in the title

Then go to the BattleLog Search for Kill 'Em Quick with the Green Logo with Black and Goldand apply there as well @ KEQ BattleLog

An officer will then contact you

*PSN -
*Battlelog (Link is helpful)-!/bf3/soldier/o__C0NFEDERATE__/stats/794992500/ps3/

Age (range is ok)-32

*Microphone (yes/no)-yes

Gender -Male

*America/European/Far East Servers? (what is your closest server, used for squading purposes)-America

Estimated gaming time (per week) -10 hours a week

Experience in other games -Socom/ Rainbow 6/ COD

Previous clans (if any) -DX

Why did you leave previous clan (if applicable) -was at BASIC Training and AIT (inactive)

How did you hear of KEQ or were you recruited (by who)? - different people on the PSN

Why do you want to join KEQ -to play with a good organized clan again

Rules: No Glitching, No Rascism,- got it

What other Games Do You Plan To Play With us -depends whats new

Any additional comments -

From DarkDIABLO1712UK, BF3 leader, on what we are looking for.

Must have Mic, speak and understand basic English, access to ventrilo (recommended), not bring clan into disrepute, play an active part in game, reliable, driven, work in a team, follow instructions when required, play a predetermined class when required.- got it.
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