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UnWorld - BF3 Application
11-27-2012, 08:19 PM
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UnWorld - BF3 Application
*PSN - UnWorld
*Battlelog -

Age - 27

*Microphone - Yes

Gender - Male (80%), Female (20%) [Husband & Wife combo]

*America/European/Far East Servers? (what is your closest server, used for squading purposes) - America Servers [East/South]

Estimated gaming time (per week) - 7 to 14 hours (when not on work assignments)

Experience in other games -

MAG multi-Vet with over 300 hours game time.

Gaming since 1990 [NES], FPS lover since 1997 [GoldenEye N64], typically play FPS, RTS [Jagged Alliance, Rise of Nations, etc.], RPGs, and any games that have an element of strategy & teamwork involved.

Previous clans (if any) - None on BF3. KEQ on MAG (until last work assignment in Mid-October)

Why did you leave previous clan (if applicable) - n/a

How did you hear of KEQ or were you recruited (by who)? - KEQ on MAG (until last work assignment in Mid-October)

Why do you want to join KEQ -

Short version: I want to join KEQ on BF3 b/c I want to avoid the clusterf--k that leads to losses and a poor in-game experience.

Long version: The TEAM and objective-smashing style of play that only KEQ brings to the table. I purchased BF3 11 days ago rather than CoD solely for the more "tactically professional" experience of the game.

When the squad leader says "We need...", I go GET IT with precision and assist the team with the primary objective (screw my own KDR, I want the win).

Unfortunately, about half of the random games/servers I have joined lack this focus and level of strategy. After "testing the waters" for a week, I understand the game modes and mechanics of BF3, and am ready once again to step up for KEQ.

I'm still developing and rounding out all 4 classes. As of now, I feel most comfortable serving as an Expert MEDIC-focused assault and SUPPORT suppression-fire specialist. As in MAG, I also serve as a great "diversion-scout" for our team's Snipers/Assault by baiting the opposing team into revealing their position while diverting the return fire to a "safe-side" position, setting up wide open flanking maneuvers for the other members of my squad.

I can't seem to find many other clans who actually know how to utilize these skills to WIN games, it's always been few & far-between finding solid squads.

Rules: No Glitching, No Rascism - Yes, Agreed!

What other Games Do You Plan To Play With us - Will be back on MAG again this week, and Dust514 whenever I gain access.

Any additional comments - KEQ has renewed my love for first-person shooters Smile

In response to BF3 Leader, DarkDIABLO1712UK -

I will not bring the clan into disrepute. I will play an active part in game. I am reliable, driven, and work in a team. I will follow instructions when required. I will play a predetermined class when required. I AM KEQ!
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11-27-2012, 08:45 PM
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RE: UnWorld - BF3 Application
Yea, go ahead and get on battlelog and sign up if you haven't already then search KEQ in the Platoon tab and apply for the one with the most members. I'm not an officer so I can't say when you'll get accept but I'd shoot Kingnico(Username might be Killafreeze or something like that) to get in if your not getting accepted. If you haven't in a day or 2 send me a message and ill see if ican catch Nico when he's on PSN. No we aren't as active as we were awhile back but we still get groups/squads going every now and then. Feel free to shoot me a FR on PSN and I'll probably be on tommorow to try out the new Aftermath DLC.

If you have any questions just let me know and I'll try to help out!

[Image: perry.png]
Risks- If you don't make it, it's your own damn vault
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11-28-2012, 01:50 PM
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RE: UnWorld - BF3 Application
we are rebuilding our bf3 division

ROFL- for every one that falls a thousand shall rise to take his place
"fear us for we are a machine of death.
a machine of destruction.
we.are.the machine."

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