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Being a Squad Leader
12-02-2012, 03:23 PM (This post was last modified: 01-30-2015 10:02 AM by gobbybobby.)
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Being a Squad Leader
Squad leading guide: To start you need to be lvl 10 to unlock anything in the squad leader certs tree.

Certs you really should get:

* Spawn beacon (costs 30c for base)
* Rally points, really only need 1 of these more if it fits your play style, they cost 5 each
* Command chat. This Allows you to talk to other squad leaders who have the cert. 100c
* Request Reinforcements 200c

No leadership certs can be bought with station cash.

Hold and Press Q to set an objective (frago) this makes a noise and adds arrows around the objective for all squad members to see, its not that powerful and is easy to miss, best to always verbally say what you are fragoing.

[Image: 3EA5B4FC1CBBACDC374946B5E310A11B1A856414]

Spawn beacon lvl 2-6, allows squad mates to use your beacon more often, I have it at 3, meaning you can spawn every 1:40 ish

Rally Point: I have one of these, it puts smoke down for the squad to see, and rally upon. It can be used every 3-4 mins or so, don't think you will need more than 1.

The Command channel is a very powerful tool. But it has a unique set of mechanics to go along with it.

Set attack and defence requests. This puts s symbol on the map to say "attack here" or "defend here" like the leadership channel any leader can do this, and it shows on the map for all players. Has a 5 min cool down.

You may only be in the Command channel if you:
  • Have Paid the 100 Certs
  • Are a Squad Leader.

The command channel allows you to do 2 things.

/Leadership This allows you to text type to other Squads and platoons. You can coordinate attacks or merge squads to quickly form platoons as I did today (for thos who where online) NOTE: this chat is server wide, not locked to a continent like orders chat.

/Orders Orders is a global one way chat that is sent to All players on the Continent (thank god not the entire server) (regardless if they have the command channel Cert or not) This allows you to say things like "Attack Zurvan, or lets do a big armor push from the warpgate" This chat channel is Extremely powerful, and could have you potentially coordinating 200+ Players

Information overload.

Don;t get overwhelmed by info overload, is someone in leader talking too much? Mute them. You can also turn proxy off in settings. Your text chats are in the top left corner, you casn set this to general, which is everything including personal kill feed, or just squad, platoon, leader, ETC, can make it easier to manage and see important chatter.
Say (short range chat, your faction only)
Yell (long range to all factions)
Proxy (voice only, your faction only)
Region (specific to you the Hex you are in, IE the crown, OR if you are at a Biolab, the biolab and its adjacent satellites)
Tell (private chat)
Orders (continent wide)
Custom (you can set up a custom channel by typing /voice join <channelname> <password>) if the channel does not exist it will be created using whatever u input. Voice only, defaults to number key 6.

As a squad leader you need to be looking at the map alot, see where people in your squad are and give them some direction, you also need to be looking at what bases TR hold, and also at what other Squads/ TR outfits are doing as it may be best to "follow the crowd" so to speak.

[Image: 11r3mhl.png]
Keep an eye on thos numbers, sometimes calling people astray out on the mic or typing them with /tell <name> is needed to get em to group with the platoon, failing that kick em!

[Image: FE36D3F46DC510C10FEAAFB27A2CD9638E8F9B32]
The map shows you where everyone is. As of recent updates the squad management screen now shows you how far away from you each player is and if they are on the same continent, if they are not you can tell them off or kick them.

[Image: 84171F810C173B5096069CCAA1E174737727E0ED]

Sometimes Outfits group together and zerg to capture territory this can lead to huge 200+ player battles or to very boring spawn camps where after an hour of playing you rack up less than 10 kills, sometimes its beter to find another base to capture of change continents. Sometimes fights can lead to stalemates where the fight goes on for 2 hours+, this can become tiresome after a while, and sometimes its better just to go somewhere else or your squad will get bored. Some battles do take several hours and these battles are rare and can be very fun.

Set Waypoints:

This is very impotent, always have an up to date way point set for people to follow.

Spawn Beacons:

You may have a sunddy, but what if this is destroyed? always drop a beacon somewhere its not likely to get destroyed (like near some rocks, or on a roof) Sometimes its better to drop pod in so you can get to hard to reach places, or take out enemy vehicles with your pod. (note, the damage done by drop pods was nerfed to high hell, and this is no longer an effective way of taking vehicles out Sad ) it is still possible to kill a guy by landing on them, all be it very very hard and rare to pull off such a feat!

Squad spawning:
Squad members now always see the Base that the squad leader is currently in or closest sunderer to you, which means sometimes in order to redeploy your squad, YOU the SQUAD LEADER must get there first. When you are about finished capping a base, if you want your squad to move over and assist capturing a base on the other side of the map, you will have to travel there first yourself, This will allow squad members to squad deploy or general redeploy on to you. The game operates a reinforcements required system, if a base is being capturerd by the enemy it will show up as a spawn point from anywhere (usually you can only spawn on nearby hex's) sometime however it just doesn't, so as the squad leader you need to get there so the squad can spawn. 2 fastest ways are to fly, or Redeploy chain, Redeploy chaining is Pressing the U key to redeploy, and move a hex closer to the base you want to defend, and repeat till you can spawn there.

As you lead your squad, keep an eye on what everyone is playing as. Its all too common to see everyone as heavy assault, when really there needs to be at least 2 medics, especially if there are 12 people in the squad. Engineers are also impotent, especially if you are all in Tanks or have a sunddy.

Be aware of the different types of sunderers, having a sunderer with ammunition resupply or 2 in your squad/ platoon when you are doing a tank push is impotent, the vehicle can infinently replenish the tanks with ammo for those long tank battles. As oif recent patch all sunderers now act as spawn points, you do not need to cert in to this. Galaxy's also act as spawn points, but only when the vehicle owner is piloting.

Talk to your squad members using both voice and Text commands, Sometimes it may be hard to hear what you are saying so typing /s "attack Vanu Archives" or "we are going to the new waypoint" may be beneficial to your squad.

Advert the squad-

make sure your squad is Adverted, and that the "outfit" box is ticked. This should mean that someone logging in simply has to hit INSERT and be put in your squad. If you Don't tick the outfit box this won't work. Un-checking Private will allow you to set a public advert.

Start a platoon

Fill your squad? No problem, just invite someone new and start a platoon, as your the Squad leader you are automatically the new Platoon leader, you will now be SL and PL at the same time, which is fine I personally prefer this

Now because the way the Squad and platoon mechanics work, Alpha Squad, SL has overall control, so if you decide to give someone else Squad leader, and just PL, you are giving them full control of the Platoon, its stupid it works this way, but there you go

The ONLY thing the PL can do is set Platoon way points. That's it. Anyone can talk over Platoon chat, there is no Platoon broadcast like mag, so I generally Squad and platoon leads at the same time.
As of the recent updates the Platoon leader can now change individuals squads way points.

So you really have to work as Platoon lead, and sometimes tell people to Shut the hell up. As anyone can talk over platoon, you sometimes have to shout at people to get them to listen to you. You can always resort to kicking people out if they can't shut up.

Squad stats
Squads are 12
4 Squad in a platoon
That's 48 people.

Know the mechanics

Knowing the game mechanics are key.
We can only take Adjacent and Secure hex's If an enemy sneaks in behinds us and starts taking a base, we will not be able to capture any hex that its connected to. Remember this too, Are the Vanu close to breaking into the tech plant? send a squad to ninja the adjacency so they can't take it. I will add a graphic to this to make it more understandable

Please post below if you have any questions or anything you think should be in this guide.

Other notes/ Squad members:

When in a platoon you can change the colour scheme. The default make the squads white, purple, green and black, I personally have the faction set to TR red, VS Purpel, NC blue, and end up shooting my friendly Purple squad members, this has recently been patched, you can now change the squad colours in settings, unfortuinatly it forgets and you have to re do it each time, at least you can now tho!

Rather follow than lead? no problem.
Be a good squad member, follow the waypoints, dynamically switch classes, are we lacking medics? go medic, do we need engineer? play engineer. Call out enemy advancements, EVERY TIME you are waiting to spawn, look at Adjacent hex's. Are we losing a connecting hex? If we are call it out!

[Image: 76561198008010128.png]

[Image: 5428010618014145457.png]

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12-02-2012, 07:53 PM
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RE: Being a Squad Leader
waypoints are impotent?



[Image: qUbK2dc.jpg?1]
MURDER, was the case that they gave me.
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12-03-2012, 12:44 AM
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RE: Being a Squad Leader
Updated the thread with command channel info, worth a read.

[Image: 76561198008010128.png]

[Image: 5428010618014145457.png]

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12-03-2012, 01:12 AM
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RE: Being a Squad Leader
Nice thread Bobby, not much to add besides the fact that people who played MAG tend to lead better than the BF and COD guys!
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12-03-2012, 06:04 AM
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RE: Being a Squad Leader
Very useful guide for me. Thanks bro.

R.I.P. Terry Pratchet.

[Image: 4HhXMlO.gif]
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12-03-2012, 08:53 PM
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RE: Being a Squad Leader
Now if only we had 48 people on grouped up at once. That would be pretty rocksteady.
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12-03-2012, 10:21 PM
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RE: Being a Squad Leader
(12-03-2012 08:53 PM)OP4ArcticFox Wrote:  Now if only we had 48 people on grouped up at once. That would be pretty rocksteady.

Hey Fox, welcome to the forums bro.., and yes, we would be a force to be reckoned with!!
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02-11-2013, 10:26 PM (This post was last modified: 02-11-2013 10:29 PM by gobbybobby.)
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RE: Being a Squad Leader
slightly tweaked this guide, added a few sentences cleared up some spelling errors

Really wanna see some more Squad leader. Ideally want a KEQ squad running all the time, Plz step up, lead some squads, recruit some guys.

I am going to give anyone that leads squads (decently) the ability to recruit people into the clan. (but not kick people, or do anything else) I want to see squad adverted as "KEQ squad" <continent name>

Amazingly, not had to kick anyone yet! (at least I haven't)

I encourage people to join up with other squads/ outfit platoons, if there are only a few guys on, but keep that KEQ squad going!

[Image: 76561198008010128.png]

[Image: 5428010618014145457.png]

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01-30-2015, 09:47 AM
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RE: Being a Squad Leader
updated, nearly 2 years!

[Image: 76561198008010128.png]

[Image: 5428010618014145457.png]

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02-01-2015, 08:58 PM
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RE: Being a Squad Leader
I'm definitely looking forward to learning how to lead in this game. Great thread to help us noobs, Gobby!

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