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all my builds
08-12-2015, 10:35 AM
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Tongue all my builds
1. Vanguard- first of all this is just the stuff obviously u will want to upgrade them when u can. Titan AP very effective vs vehicle but u will have a hard time vs infantry unless u have a gunner.
Enforcer- best choice as it does lots of damage to vehicles is decent at killing troops and shooting at air.
vanguard shield obviously.
rivalry frame for them fast turns.
then use mine guard. don't really think anything but armor is useful in this slot and since when I first started I got killed by mines a lot now that I use mine guard have only died from them once. its not that expensive and maxed it gives you 62% defense.
blue camo cause space MERICA!!!

reaver- vortex rotary, defiantly best choice for Air to Air does quick hard damage. A2A tomcats, sure people say its noobie and that's cause it is but with this weapon combo even though i'm not that good of a flyer I get a couple or more kills every time I pull a reave. Tomcats are longer range compared to vortex so they compliment each other well. 3 tomcats kill an esf. When ever u engage an esf try to get as many lock-on into him at first then when he gets close switch to canon and if he tries to run is easy pray for lock-on.
I use engagement radar and stealth. the radar if really good but when u become a vet and don't need it switch it out for flayers. engagement radar means you can see them and stealth means that if they have it they can't see you which is nice. stealth also helps u disappear when u run away and helps stop lock-on missiles which is probably the biggest threat.
lastly use dogfighting airframe which helps you when you get close to turn with enemy and makes it easier to use lock-on.

now for some flying tips. best place to be is behind enemy if you see one not facing you most likely he doesn't see you since steal so circle right behind him before you start locking on makes it hard for him to get away. set a waypoint at warp gate that way you know which direction to run. don't engage groups of fighters and avoid flack. the best targets are ones distracted by straffing the ground or chasing another aircraft.
Lastly if you get locked on by ground turn away and fly away as fast as possible. if you get locked on by air then go crazy turning everywhere but makes sure you movements are fast and jerky makes it hard to get a lock-on to you, try to run or engage with nose guns.

My LA. since if we are in big open area at long ranges I am in a vehicle I have my LA as a urban killer and it works very well at building clearing and what not.
First the mauler shotgun, when you first use it appear not to be good and can usually only kill two enemies per a clip but buy extended mag and now you can kill 3 or 4. then your choice of sight and you are a killing machine at close ranges. The thing that makes the shotgun extremely good is its ability to quickly dispatch enemies meaning you can take on 2 or 3 enemies at a time and still come out on top. using jetpack with this weapon and flanking behind enemies is extremely deadly.
next for you sidearm its up to your preference all though it need to be decent at middle ranges that way you can kill enemies out of the range of your shotgun.
next I would recommend jump jets the ability to cross large gaps and go over large obstacles is vital when being a flanking light assault .
next I would use nano weave because it helps you stay alive and kill more enemies since you will have to run around and flank a lot don't want to take forever getting somewhere then get killed quickly.
beside shotgun the most important part of this build is c4 get it quickly 2 will kill and tank and make you a tanks worst nightmare a c4 fairy. c4 is also great to clear a corner where enemies are piled up and killing maxes. example you fly over building go to other side look down and c a max and bunch of infantry bellow you through one c4 down blow it and get lots xp and clear way for your buds.
that's all but you must always realize your advantage is being able to maneuver and flank quickly and take out enemies quickly thanks to your shotty.

hope some of you guys found these builds useful if you have any ? feel free to ask.
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08-13-2015, 09:36 AM
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RE: all my builds
tell it again

[Image: Shane5484-04.png]
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